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Kader Attia

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Dalloul Art Foundation

Born in Paris in 1970, the French-Algerian artist Kader Attia is not easy to sum up in a couple of sentences. His life, his work, his conceptual framework are every bit as complex as the world we live in. Yet his installations say something to all of us. His work beckons us, its viewers, into a gallimaufry of contradictions and transformations, where its various layers touch us not only directly and pragmatically but emotionally as well. He explores patterns in the evolution of cultures and examines what motivates and moves us. His research has led him to one fundamental principle: ‘repair’, a theme we also find in his works in the Middelheim park.

25.10.2014 - 29.03.2015


Video: Mario De Munck made in October 2014
Music: Josh Woodward, The Last Slice of Pecan Pie (cc) Chris Zabriskie, I Am A Man Who Will Fight For Your Honor (cc)
Subtitling: Einion Media

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