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Dalloul Art Foundation

Marwan:Topographies Of The Soul

Author Maraya Art Centre
Dalloul Art Foundation

Marwan Kassab Bachi, Syrian artist born in 1934, is well known for his unique depictions of human faces. In some instances they are well-articulated representations of individuals with distinct features, while at other times, individual traits are abstracted, turning faces into anonymous masks.

This exhibition, being the very first one in the GCC to showcase a range of Marwan’s work within a single venue, aims at introducing regional public to the varied spectrum of Marwan’s oeuvre. Here, visitors will be able to see the artist’s large-scale oil on canvas paintings, aquarelle works on paper, as well as etchings and quick sketches executed in pencil. The show will present portraits derived from life, stylised representations of faces, and will include several depictions of masks.

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