Bashar Al Hroub was born in Jerusalem in 1978. He graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Al-Najah National University in 2001 and received the Ford Foundation fellowship to pursue an MFA, which he completed in 2010 from the Winchester School of Art, the University of Southampton in the UK. He was awarded the first grand prize at the 14th Art Asian Biennial, Bangladesh, in 2012. Al Hroub has had firsthand experience with conflict and exile growing up in the city of Hebron. Identity and displacement are central themes in his work as he approaches them with his own partiality to the sociopolitical realities surrounding him. He instigates how uprooting affects an individual's sense of belonging and creativity. Bashar's mediums vary widely from photography to painting. He has exhibited all over the world, and his works are included in several collections and institutions. He currently lives and works in Ramallah.