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Abstraction Possible

Abstraction Possible Abstraction Possible

Abstraction Possible

Abstract Possible is a research project that aims to explore notions of abstraction, taking contemporary art as its starting point. It includes the collaboration/participation of Doug Ashford, Claire Barclay, Yto Barrada, José León Cerrillo, Matias Faldbakken, Priscila Fernandes, Claudia Fernández, Zachary FormwaltLiam GillickGoldin+Senneby, Wade Guyton, Iman IssaGunilla Klingberg, David Maljkovic, Dorit MargreiterÅsa Norberg/Jennie Sundén, Mai-Thu Perret, Falke Pisano, Seth Price, Walid RaadEmily Roysdon, Salón, Bojan Sarcevic, Tommy StøckelMika Tajima, Ultra-Red, Anton Vidokle, and Haegue Yang.
Abstract Possible is a project by Maria Lind. It will develop in various locations over the course of two years:

Abstract Possible: The Trailer

Malmö Konsthall’s Project space.

10 November 2010 – 16 January 2011.

Abstracción posible / Abstract Possible: The Tamayo Take

Museo Tamayo, Mexico City.

26 March 2011 – 7 August 2011

Abstract Possible: The Zurich Test

MAS, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK, Zúrich

14 May 2011 – 4 June 2011

Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies

Tensta konsthall, Spånga

14 January 2012 – 22 April 2012



Abstract Possible:The Stockholm Synergies
Tensta Konsthall, English, 2012

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“Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies”
Jacquelyn Davis
Art Forum, English, 2012
Abstract Possible: Symposium/exhibitions, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, January 2012
Abstraktion, 2012
Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm re-opens
e-flux, 2012
"Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies"
Judith Schwarzbart
Art Agenda, 2012

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