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Last updated on Tue 11 November, 2014


11 November - 19 December 2014
82 Great Portland Street
London W1

What Remains, is presented in two parts: What Remains Part I from 7th October to 7th November and Part II, from 11th November to 19th December 2014.

This will be our last exhibition at 82 Great Portland Street. From January 2015 we will have new offices – all details will be announced shortly.

What Remains is a group exhibition about what we remember and the legacy we leave behind; about what is left of lasting value after world leaders and global events have come and gone. What Remains also contains stepping-stones for our future projects. We have commissioned several artists to create new works based on this theme, and to consider the essence of art in our cultural life. Some have responded with works that critique the art world; others question the direction their region is taking, revealing their wish to put the continuity of their culture before the artwork; to express their ideas rather than react to the market; to create value before price; aesthetics before hype; and to enjoy the excitement of collaboration.

Ultimately, What Remains is about memory: an idea, an impression, a feeling; a poem; an image; a glimpse of what we have seen, heard, or read; what struck us as important then or now. It is about what is lasting and what is transient, and about the artists’ contribution to their local and global culture. To what extent are we changing or have we changed? Above all, it is a cultural conversation.

The featured works are new commissions as well as classic pieces from our archive, and include paintings, photography or sculpture by (in alphabetical order)

Part I:Maliheh Afnan; Farhad Ahrarnia; Chant Avedissian; Tadeusz Deregowski; Monir Farmanfarmaian; Selma Gurbuz; Fathi Hassan; Behruz Heshmat; Raeda Saadeh; Hossein Valamanesh.

Part II: Etel Adnan; Maliheh Afnan; Farhad Ahrarnia; Siah Armajani; Ayman Baalbaki; Said Baalbaki; Matthew Corbin Bishop; Al Braithwaite; Bita Ghezelayagh; Susan Hefuna; Iraida Icaza.


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