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HOSNI RADWAN, Palestine (1955)



Hosni Radwan was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1955. Originally from Palestine, he received his BA from the University of Baghdad in 1978, majoring in Graphics. Radwan left to Beirut a year later to work in graphic design and journalism. He also created paintings in an attempt to serve the cause of his people. Highly influenced by the Iraqi artists, especially Jewad Selim, and Baghdad sceneries, Radwan built his aesthetics on a creation routed in its environment and borrowing its material from the West.

The place played a role in the media used by the artist: while roaming between Beirut, Cypress, and Tunisia, he used easy-to-carry tools like paper and fabric and executed mostly with ink and watercolor. After he returned and settled in Palestine, in 1994, Radwan found time and space to produce with more heavy material; he started mixing acrylic with sand, wood, and paper to recreate a world with its spaces, grooves, and conditions, all emerging from his memories. Radwan's artworks convey a sense of music and spiritualism. The artist lives and works in Ramallah, Palestine.

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