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KAMEL AL MOGHANI, Palestine (1943 - 2008)


Kamel Al Moghani was born on 27 December 1943 in Gaza. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in decoration from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University in 1966, then a master’s degree in the...

Kamel Al Moghani was born on 27 December 1943 in Gaza. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in decoration from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University in 1966, then a master’s degree in the psychology of symbol and color in 1987. In 1967, at the start of the Six-Day War, between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, he joined the Palestinian revolution, which got him arrested from 1969 to 1972. Al Moghani was one of the founding members of the Faculty of Fine Arts at An-Najah National University in Nablus in 1993 and was appointed as its head of Art Department. He co-founded the Society of Fine Artists in the Gaza Strip in 1984, and the Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Information at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza in 2003.

In his earliest works, he tended to use aggressive symbols directed at the Israeli occupation, such as the Palestinian map. In the 80s, the Palestinian land itself became his main inspiration depicting its heritage and myths using symbols such as yarn and coffee pots. In his latest work, he draws victorious scenes of Palestinian people being freed or boats to indicate their return.

Being undeniably a pillar in Palestinian art, he has exhibited all over the world and received many awards, such as the Soviet Artists Union Award in 1979, Dundee Municipality Medal, Scotland in 1981, the Second Golden Sail Award and many other.

He has a memorial standing at the entrance of the An-Najah University.

Al Moghani passed away in Gaza in 2008.

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Selected Group Exhibitions


One Hundred Years Closer to Communism Art and Revolution in the Middle East, AUB Art Galleries, AUB, Beirut, Lebanon


Framed/Unframed, Birzeit University Museum, Ramallah, Palestine



The Second Golden Sail Award, Kuwait


First prize for the best slogan for the first Palestinian Social Conference held in Jerusalem, Palestine


Dandy Scotland Municipal Medal


The Order of the Union of Soviet Artists


Prize of the Palestinian Environment Exhibition, Jerusalem


The shield of the General Union of Palestinian Workers, Nablus, Palestine

First Prize for Fine Art in the 3rd Jerash Festival, Jordan


Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE
Birzeit University Museum, Ramallah, Palestine
Ramzi & Saeda Dalloul Art Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon

رحيل الفنان التشكيلي والأستاذ كامل المغني بقلم الفنان التشكيلي : محمد حرب
محمد حرب, Arabic, 2008
(ذكرى رحيل الفنان التشكيلي كامل محمود المغني (أبو نضال
لواء عرابي/ عرابي كلوب, Arabic, 2020
"الشباب والثقافة" تطلق جائزة في الفن التشكيلي باسم الفنان الراحل كامل المغني, Arabic, 2021
كلية الفنون بـ"النجاح" تخلّد ذكرى الفنان الراحل كامل المغني بإطلاق مسابقة باسمه, Arabic, 2020
رحيل الفنان التشكيلي الفلسطيني كامل المغني, Arabic, 2011
10 اعوام على رحيل الفنان الفلسطيني الكبير الدكتور كامل المغني رحمه الله
هشام ساق الله, Arabic, 2018
Artist of the Month Kamel AlMughani: Resistance Artist
Dr. Ahmad Mousa
this week in palestine, 2014
تشكيليون فلسطينيون (12) الفنان كامل محمود المغني
عبد الله أبو راشد, Arabic, 2010
الراحل كامل المغنى... القلق وسادة الفنان
مروان نصار, Arabic, 2018
هل تعرف كامل المغني؟, Arabic, 2018


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