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Art Talks 1 Part 1 : Visual Analysis

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Art Talks 1 Part 1 : Visual Analysis

Art Talks: Visual Analysis is a series of filmed analytical discussions part of the UNTITLED Abstractions exhibition, previously showcased at DAF. UNTITLED Abstractions features a selection of abstract artworks from the DAF Collection, all of which are 'Untitled.' The exhibition investigates the visual language of abstraction, and the role of a title, or lack thereof, in abstract art. It introduces myriad abstract artworks from the Arab region.

Art Talks: Visual Analysis are participatory discussions curated and presented by Wafa Roz, and run by Dr. Rico Franses, Professor at the Bombay Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR) and former Director of Art Galleries at (AUB). The goal of those discussions is to arrive at an understanding of the visual language of abstract art and try to read abstraction’s complex formal and contextual elements. Besides the ambiguity of the artwork’s title, we chose not to disclose its creator or production date during our talk. This was an attempt to free the viewer from art-historical influencing data. Visual art is a universal language that can be read by a keen viewer who cares to give time to and engage with an image. As Dr. Rico Franses recurrently states: “Read an artwork like you read a book, talk about art, and look at art with others.”

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