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SEIF WANLY, Egypt (1906 - 1979)



Seif Wanly was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1906. In 1929, Seif and his brother Adham took painting classes with Italian painter Ottorino Bicchi, before opening their studio in 1935 along with fellow artists Ahmed Fahmi and Mohamed Bayoumi. During the 50s, the Wanly brothers often traveled to Europe, painting scenes of live performances and landscapes in France, Spain, and Italy. In 1957, Seif began teaching painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. The Wanly brothers were two of the numerous Egyptian artists appointed by the Ministry of Culture to document the architectural heritage of Nubia before its flooding, caused by the building of the Aswan High Dam, in 1959. In his works, Seif painted scenes of art performances such as opera and ballet, conveying the vigorous movement of the performers, as well as several auto portraits that mirrored his sense of humor. After the death of his brother Adham in 1959, Seif was deeply affected, and he adopted a darker tones palette. In 1974, Seif married Egyptian artist Ihsan Mokhtar. He passed away in Stockholm in 1979, while preparing to exhibit his landscapes of Scandinavia.

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