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ALFRED BASBOUS, Lebanon (1924 - 2006)


Written by Nathalie Bsat Renowned sculptor Alfred Basbous was born in the village of Rachana in 1924, the middle of three children. He grew up in a creative environment; his father, a priest,...

Written by Nathalie Bsat

Renowned sculptor Alfred Basbous was born in the village of Rachana in 1924, the middle of three children. He grew up in a creative environment; his father, a priest, illustrated Biblical manuscripts with quill and ink, and both of his brothers, Michel and Joseph, ultimately became sculptors as well. As a teenager, he worked as an assistant to his older brother, Michel, who taught him the art of carving stone. At first, Basbous found a pragmatic, practical outlet for his technical skills, taking a job as a mason at a railroad company. Still, by the 1950s, the artist had decided to pursue professionally the career of sculptor. He held his first solo exhibition in 1959 at Alecco Saab Gallery in Beirut. In 1960, he was granted a scholarship from the French government to attend the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he studied under the sculptor Rene Collamarini. Just a year after he arrived in the French capital, he exhibited his work at the International Sculpture Exhibition at Paris’s Musée Rodin.

Basbous worked almost exclusively with stone and marble, but occasionally included wood in his carving repertoire. Although he had learned to work with plaster casts and modeling clay, the artist found himself most comfortable with a hammer and chisel, rending his sculptures from a solid block of material rather than forcing the material itself to conform to his visions. For Basbous, the stone seemed to conceal secrets that the sculptor was compelled to find: he felt called upon to extract and highlight shapes and ideas from the curves and veins of the rock. He excelled in creating fluidity from solidity, using two or three pieces of stone that worked seamlessly as one, and exploiting negative space to give his sculptures an additional sense of motion and weightlessness.

The female figure was a dominant subject in Basbous’s oeuvre. Initially, his depictions of women bore strong realistic tendencies; he often sculpted from live models, carving faces directly and with precise attention to detail. In the early stages of his career, this was perhaps less of an expressive choice than a practical one, as the artist sought to demonstrate mastery of his medium to an audience that continued to value realism. However, even his most realistic sculptures of the female figure show an inclination towards abstraction, rounding, and smoothing elements of the human body into more basic organic forms. While classical sculpture places a high premium on the integrity of skeletal structure and musculature, Basbous deprioritized these elements in his work: he focused on the skin fluidity and outer silhouette of the human shape. Gradually, his sculptures became more abstract, streamlining the female outlines to its most basic elements and drawing inspiration from these fundamental curves. By the 1980s, Basbous was creating shapes at once loosely related to and highly evocative of the female body, balancing soft curves and sharp angles to both suggest anatomical structures and subvert expectations of them. These sculptures, such as Woman (1982) emblematize the central paradox of Basbous’s oeuvre; in essence, the objects are solid, dense, and heavy, pulled to earth by a low center of gravity, yet simultaneously full of motion and life.

Like many artists before him, the Greek mythology enchanted Alfred Basbous, and especially the story of ‘Leda and the Swan.’ Leda (1986), a sculpture currently in the collection of the Dalloul Art Foundation, references the myth, in which Zeus cleverly disguises himself as a swan to access the mortal world and seduce the Spartan queen, Leda. The sculpture portrays Leda kneeling, holding her calves as she leans back on her heels; she is graceful and poised, strong enough to relax though she keeps herself tall. The swan drapes across her torso, its head resting on her chest, and she regards it with tenderness. The sense of calm given by the work is indicative of Basbous’s oeuvre at large, where the figure of the woman is closely linked to the organic, tranquil forms of nature, and the idea of romantic or erotic love is intertwined with spirituality.

Alfred Basbous passed away in 2006, leaving a prolific corpus of sculpture in his wake. The artist was posthumously awarded the “Medal of the Lebanese Order of Merit in Gold” by the President of the Lebanese Republic.


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Selected Solo Exhibitions


Sensible Expression, Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon


Alfred Basbous, Modernist Pioneer, Sophia Contemporary Gallery, London, UK


الرمزية إلى التجريدية, Art Space Gallery, Dubai, UAE

تصوير تجريدي, Rachana, Lebanon & London, UK


Nude d’Alfred Basbous, Ixsir Winery, Lebanon
The Bronze Collection, Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon & Paris, France
Alfred Basbous, Modernist Pioneer, Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
The Bronze Collection, Art Space Gallery, Dubai, UAE


The Bronze Collection, Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE


The Bronze Collection, Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Abu Dhabi Cultural Center, UAE


Dubai Cultural Center, UAE


SNA Building, Tabaris Beirut, Lebanon


La Toile, Gallery, Rimal, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon


Halate Sur Mer Garden, Halate, Lebanon
Elcir Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon


Decoline Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
One Gallery, Zalka, Lebanon


Damo Gallery, Antelias, Lebanon


Contact Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon


Excelsior Hotel Garden, Beirut, Lebanon


Amateur Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
Modern Institute Garden, Lebanon


Phoenicia Hotel Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon


Excelsior Hotel Garden, Beirut, Lebanon


One Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon


Salle du Quotidien L'Orient, Beirut, Lebanon


Alecco Saab Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

Selected Group Exhibitions


Two Moderns from the Middle East: Reza Derakshani and Alfred Basbous, Sotheby’s, Hong Kong
Art Brussels, Sophia Contemporary Gallery, Brussels


Collective Lebanese Exhibition, Lebanese Consulate NY, USA
Arab Collective Art Exhibition, Galerie Mark Hachem, Beirut, Lebanon
Bronze Collection, Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris, France
Bronze Collection, Galerie Mark Hachem, Beirut, Lebanon


L’Art Libanais, Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon


Abu Dhabi Cultural Center, UAE
Dubai Cultural Center, UAE
Oman Gallery, Oman


A sculpture displayed at Ashmoleum Museum, Oxford, UK


Shroder & Asseili Gardens, London, UK


Kuwait Hilton International Hotel, Kuwait
Platform International Gallery, Washington, USA


Collamarini workshop at Rodin Museum in Paris, France
Biennial of Alexandria, Egypt
UENO Museum, royal museum in the city of Tokyo, Japan


Halles Gallery, Paris, France
Open air exhibitions in Faubourg of Saint Honoré, Paris, France
Souk Tawile, Beirut, Lebanon


Superior National School of Fine Arts, Paris, France.
Rodin Museum, Paris, France.

Sculptures in Public Spaces


Public garden of Jdeidet municipality, Metn, Lebanon


Garden of Zahlé Municipality, Lebanon


Espace Center, Kaslik, Lebanon


Halate Sur Mer Gardens, Halate, Lebanon
Public square, Tannourine, Lebanon


Maison du Futur Garden, Naccache, Lebanon
Antelias city entrance, Lebanon
Zouk Mkayel Municipality gardens, Lebanon


Les Jardins du Quotidien, Le Reveil, Lebanon
Jdeidet El Metn, Lebanon
Tabarja Beach garden, Tabarja, Lebanon


Beirut port, Lebanon


Rayfoun roundabout, Lebanon


Municipality Garden, Zahlé, Lebanon

Awards and Honors


The Lebanese governemt released a national stamp of Alfred Basbous and his two brothers Michel and Youssef


Awarded "Commander the order of Cedar" by the President of the Lebanese Republic, Emile Lahoud, Lebanon


Awarded the "Medal of the National Order of Cedar, order of Knight" by the President of the Lebanese Republic, Elias Hraoui, Lebanon


Biennale laureate of Alexandria, Egypt


Honorary award at the autumn fair of Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon


Honorary award at the autumn fair of Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon


Laureate of the East award, Lebanon


First award at the Superior National school of Fine Arts, Paris, France


Ramzi and Saeda Dalloul Art Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon
Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MACAM), Alita, Lebanon
Collection of the Ministry of Culture, Beirut, Lebanon

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