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Dalloul Art Foundation

Leads & Artistic Cues from the Arab World

Author Daf Beirut
Dalloul Art Foundation

Leads & Artistic Cues from the Arab World
(Signs, Symbols, and Iconography)

The Dalloul Art Foundation is pleased to announce ‘Leads & Artistic Cues from the Arab World,' an online presentation/show introducing art from the Arab world. This introductory show is part of ‘Art Beyond Borders,’ a series of exclusive co-hosted virtual events initiated and organized by Citi Private Bank. ‘Art Beyond Borders’ is an opportunity for an international audience to explore the world of art from different cultural perspectives and geographic regions.

‘Leads & Artistic Cues from the Arab World’ invites the viewer to explore meaning-making from the Arab world through artistic visual cues. For this show, the Dalloul Art Foundation has carefully curated a selection of works from its vast collection of modern and contemporary art from the Arab world imbued with signs, symbols, and local iconography. This selection offers a brief synopsis of the region’s political, social, and cultural realities. While the Dalloul Art Foundation assumes the role of a ‘lead’ to art from the Arab world, the collection it houses also acts as a ‘lead’ to better understand the Arab world.

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